This Lent we have walked through the Covenants that God has made with us.  Covenants: with Adam and Eve, with Noah, with Abraham, with Moses, with King David, and through this: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and This Easter Day with Jesus.   Today we have again heard the retelling of the Covenants through the series of readings we have just heard.

What is God telling us today and through these Covenants?   First, that He has such a profound love for us, so great, that we cannot imagine it.  Covenants are made to reestablish a lost love.  They are made to seal our promise of love.  They are to be made with the purest intent, sorrow, gratitude, and joy.  Covenants are everlasting, cannot be broken, and can only be made with God.  Only God can seal a covenant.

All the Old Testament Covenants show us that God thinks so highly of us that He would reestablish again and again a new Covenant with His people after they have turned away from Him.  He is truly a Father who does not want to lose His children to sin and Eternal Damnation.  He tries over and over again to win His sons and daughters back to Himself.  His last effort is to send His Son Jesus to us.   His Son is to take on all the sins of mankind, and offer himself as a sacrifice of love to redeem us.

God created us to be His family.  He builds his family from one Holy Couple in Adam and Eve.  He nurtures and builds that couple into a family through Noah.  In Abraham God nurtures his family into a tribe.  Through Moses this tribe has grown into a nation.  In King David they have become a Dynasty, a great nation, and in Jesus we have become a universal family redeemed as Sons and Daughters of the Universal King.

So!  What does this mean for us?  We can understand that God is wanting for us to be a faithful family.  To be promised to each other in marriage and to be a family demands some rules and expectations.

  • Every family member expects their mom, dad, or child to come home every night.So does God and Mother Church! This is Sunday Mass, at least.   If you did not come home without telling your family there would be much to be discussed and a need to say I am sorry.  We thus have confession to prepare us to be one with our church family again.
  • Every family member is expected to pitch in with the chores. So does God and Mother Church!   We can all share in some task to care for our church family home.
  • Every working member in the household is expected to contribute to the needs of the home. God expects this of us as well!  Imagine if Mom or Dad said that their money was theirs,‘You take care of yourself’! Parents are crazy in love with their children and are foolishly mad in the way they pour out gifts upon those they love. Remember that Jesus is one of your children, the most beloved of your family.  Let your gifts to the Lord also be foolish, and mad and from your heart.
  • Every family member is wanted and expected to be at the dinner table for the great feast meals, every Sunday. God and Mother church also longs for us to share together in this Heavenly Meal. To miss the Lord’s Sunday Meal is to miss out on the joy God and of each other. God misses us when we are not here.  We miss you when you are not here.

This is what it is to be family.  We are a family weather we like it or not: for good and for bad, in sickness and in health, till death do we part.  Marriage vowed love!  We have become family members in our Baptism.   We are blood.  We are made one in the Blood of Jesus.   Thanks, be to God, that we are strengthened to be family through the love of God our Father.  It is wonderful to have our church family gathered today around this Festive Easter Table of the Lord, who makes us one.  Happy Easter!

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