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A welcoming, Christ-centred community in Bright's Grove and Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Our Mission

Called by Christ through Baptism, we journey together as disciples.
Nurtured in Grace, we are transformed in Christ.
Empowered by the Spirit, we are sent on a mission.

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Our History

Sacred Heart Parish was established on September 5, 1949 and Mass was celebrated at Sacred Heart Catholic School on Lecaron Avenue until the opening of Sacred Heart Church, on the south side of Charlesworth Avenue, on Palm Sunday, April 2, 1950. The church basement was gutted by fire in January 1959, and again Sunday Mass was celebrated at the school until the opening of the new church its present location on November 1 1959.

In the 1950s, with the arrival of St. Michael and St. Helen Catholic schools, families were served by St. Peter Church and Sacred Heart Church. Mass was also celebrated at Kenwick-on-the-Lake in Bright’s Grove. After a devastating fire in the early 1960s, this venue was closed and Mass was celebrated at several locations. On May 23, 1986, St. Michael Parish was established and eventually settled into its current building on Wildwood Drive, dedicated on February 3, 1991.

Over the last 65 years and counting, our parishes have worked closely with our Catholic elementary and secondary school communities. Many churches began the process of “clustering” and by 2010, our two parishes were once again formally united. As a cluster, we work together to coordinate liturgical events, address concerns and develop plans under the direction of one pastoral team. We share a common vision and mission between St. Michael and Sacred Heart Catholic parishes. We are “Called – Nurtured – Sent to carry on the Mission of Christ.”

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